Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Once again, I did not see the bunny but she left me some candy!

I went to the range yesterday to try out some of my hand loads. This has been an interesting sequence. Some Speer 124gr GDHP were put up right at the oal specified in the book. They worked flawlessly in a Witness and a PF9. I also had some Sierra 115gr HPs that did not go so well. Book oal was no good as they did a ftf nose up, shorten the next batch with slight improvement, shortened again with worse results, a little longer than book and still no go. I set them the same oal as the GDHPs and it became even worse. The thought comes to mind that the Witness does not like this bullet. I am out of the Sierra and do not intend to purchase more. The P38 ate up the last batch without any difficulties but I am not loading for that one.

I was also running some Precision moly coats 115gr FP. the first batch would work if there were ten or less in the magazine. Nose down ftf if there were more than that. I set those to a little longer length (same as the GDHP) and they ran great. Fill the mag to capacity and shoot away. While I was testing these I noticed that my little orange fiber in the front site was gone! It looks funny seeing daylight through the opening. I waited out the last two shooters on the range and then started the hunt for the very little orange piece and actually found it! It only took about 15 minutes. Looks like the one end wasn't melted enough and worked its way through. Those of you who have replaced the front sight on an EAA Witness Match Elite might want to take close look at yours.

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