Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summertime in Michigan

I needed to go back to MI to take of a few items for my parents. We (daughters and I) drove out. My wife was discussing my sanity as I announced that it was a two day trip as it was only 2000 miles. Our route went through NM, TX, AR, TN, KY, OH, to MI. It is not actually the fastest route but I refuse to go through Illinois and give them any money. The current laws surrounding concealed carry (none) or any transport in general (difficult) convince me to go elsewhere. Besides, the other states are lush and green this time of year. It makes for a very pretty ride.
There was a fine hail storm in New Mexico that made things look like it had snowed.
I would say the the cell phone picture does not do justice to the conditions.

First stop Salisaw, Oklahoma. We got to the Days Inn about 1 AM local time. We were not staying at the Hilton so that we could keep the traveling costs down. We were losing time traveling East.

The rest of the trip there was fairly uneventful. My daughters asked what you call someone from each different state. I gave them the first answer that came to mind.
NM - Lobos
TX - Texans and BSers. I always figured that all Texans would be able to ski if BS was white.
AR - Razorbacks
TN - Vols
KY - Wildcat or Hillbilly
OH - Buckeyes
MI - Wolverines or Morons if they still live anywhere near Detroit. My nephew was a parole officer in the Detroit area. He referred to it as the Peoples Republic of Wayne. This reference is do to Detroit being in Wayne County and looking like a third world country.
My daughter then asked what you were called if you were from AZ. I told her, "Racist". We had a little laugh about that.
I had the opportunity to teach my daughters about some of the distinguishing features of Michigan such as:

The state bird.

State flower

State statue.

One interesting sideline was on the way back. My older daughter was driving and we stopped at a rest area in Arkansas. A gentleman pulled into the parking space next to us and motioned for me to roll down the window. The conversation went like this:
Are you fer or agin it?
I am for it.
We are too.
It is the same as the federal laws. We are tired of the invasion.
That's what we figured. We are all fer it down here too, bunch of stupid politics.
Nice talkin to you.
You too.

I imagine that he noticed the AZ plates on the vehicle and just had to ask. Note that he didn't ask about the legislative number but we both knew what he was asking.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Link to Daily Kos?????

A very nice post on "Why Liberals Should Love the Second Amendment".
The comments are hilarious as one would expect. I wonder how long the Kos will leave it up?

Friday, July 02, 2010