Monday, April 30, 2012

Outstanding Honors

Congrats to daughter #1 for getting the Outstanding Honors Student award for the junior class of her college! She gets the award pencil.

They gave me a different pencil.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fobus Holster

I have a Fobus SG21 paddle holster up for cheap if anyone is interested. This one is for the SIG220/225/226/228/229/245
S&W 3913/3913TSW/4013/5906/6906/3919/CS9

I had picked it up for a friend but he doesn't like the Fobus.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Game Outfitters

I does appear that I will be using a guide for my elk hunt. I had given some advise from my last disastrous outing. I will recap my lessons learned with responses in green.
  • Don't ever, ever, ever bother with a guide unless someone you know has used him. The rest falls under truth in advertising - not! This should not be a problem as I personally know some people who have used this guide. He comes highly recommended.
  • Try the stalk when game is seen. It is better to get busted trying than to not try. I am still kicking myself for not trying. 6x5 antlers would look good next to the 5x4. Here me three times.
  • I hate Suzuki Samurais.
No worries. This guide promised that there would be no Samurais. He said that they only use 4 wheel drive Smart Cars and sent me a photo! I am pretty sure he was teasing me.
  • I did see some country I haven't been in before. I know where I want to be the first couple days of the hunting season if I can get drawn for 6A again. Different area so this does not apply. 7E looked like this the last time I was there.

  • Bifocal glasses are a poor choice when trying to hike in the dark with a flashlight. You pretty much have to keep your head down to be able to see over the lower lens. Get another pair of glasses without the bifocal. I used to have a regular pair but neglected to do so with the last pair. It's not like your going to be reading much. You can take them off if you can't see the map well enough. Oh Yeah, time to order some glasses.

  • I really like my Big Buddy heater with a 20 pound bottle as it lasted 5 days. I won't need it as I will be staying an a travel trailer with all the amenities of home!
Weeeee Doggies, I think that I recognize that house. I used to live in it or one just like it!
  • Cut morons like this loose earlier. You can't get your money back anyways, so why make yourself miserable because you paid for it. Here me three times.

  • Just because your paying someone doesn't mean that they actually know more than you do. A long conversation has taken place and I do not think this is a concern.

  • Repeat this to yourself as necessary.
All kidding aside, I look forward to this trip as being fun and successful.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Optics

Since "I've drawn again", I decided that it was time for another scope. Scopes were shifted around when I had been drawn for a black powder hunt a couple of years ago and picked up a second BP rifle. Fellow does need a backup. I took the Leopold 2x7 off my wife's Ranger Youth .243 and an old Redfield Wideview 4X off of my Dad's old Savage 340 30-30. The 2x7 went on the the new magnum class BP rifle and the 4X went on the older BP rifle.
I picked up a new Leupold VX3 4.5x14 for the 300 Win Mag that has the CDS adjustment and ordered a couple of the custom dials. One is tailored to the Barnes TTSX 165 gr 3150fps (elk/large game) and the other to the Barnes 130 gr TTSX 3500fps (dear/antelope).

I will move the old VariX IIc 4x12 to the 30-06 after it gets sent in to Leupold. The old VariX II can be modified to take the CDS adjustment on the elevation only. I think that I will set the new ring up for a 150 gr round. I would say that I have some range time coming up.

The 06 had Bushnell Sportview 3x9 that works but is just not as clear. That old Bushnell should probably go on the 30-30. Even though it isn't the best of scopes, it does retain the charge and works. I really don't have much use for the 30-30 but it shoots well. It was Dad's Michigan deer hunting rifle.

Now I need to do something with the .243. My better half has informed me that she will no longer go hunting. She was using it for deer. Fibromyalgia takes its toll. I am thinking that a full size stock should go on it and set it up as a varmint rifle.  Both Winchester and Ram-Line make a synthetic that will fit. A V-Max 58 gr pushing 3900fps ought to make a fun shooter. Now for that next scope!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I've Been Drawn Again!

(Sung to the tune of "On the Road Again")

I've been drawn again,
Just can't wait to go out huntin' again.
The life I love is hunting big game with my guns
And I can't wait to go out huntin' again.

I've been drawn again,
Huntin' elk places that I've never been.
Seein' things that I may never see again
And I can't wait to go and hunt elk again.

Go hunt elk again,
Like a ghost we go slide around the grass and trees
We're the quiet type,
Insisting the wind be blowin' in our face.

And our way
is huntin' elk again.
And I can't wait to go and hunt elk again
The life I love is hunting big game with my guns
And I can't wait to go and hunt elk again.
I've been drawn again,

And I can't wait to go and hunt elk again.
And I can't wait to go and hunt elk again.

OK - you get the idea that I really do like to hunt or as Kevin would say, "Take your weapon for a walk." I have been drawn for general BULL elk season in unit 7E.

I will be diligent to make this a better hunt that this one. Now back to happy thoughts.
I've been drawn again!