Friday, April 02, 2010

Black Powder Rifle & Crowns

I decided the previous weekend that I just had to go shoot a few round through the smoke pole. I guess thinking about the elk draw here will do that to you. A few days before that was my checkup at the dentist only to find another fractured tooth needing a crown. I scheduled the next day to get ground down for casting and temporary crown. That makes number 5. Thursday I had the work done and Saturday I was on the range.

The temp was on the left and my right cheek is on the rifle stock. I thought that it might not be a good idea to have my face tight to the stock as I was pretty tender yet. Since the rifle has a red dot on it, it isn't a big deal to be a little off in positioning. My face was off the stock for the first shot.

Do you know that just the sound shock wave from the rifle can light up that temporary crown like a Christmas tree for a few seconds? Me either, but I got it figured out now. That smarts. I managed to shoot five times (good thing that there is ample time between shots) before deciding that I just wasn't that tough!

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