Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AZ Immigration Bill

Update - It's signed so the fun begins.

I love this quote.
"I'm disappointed because they are painting all illegal immigrants with a broad brush," Estrada said. "Everybody is bad, everybody is harmful, everybody is hurting the economy. That is not necessarily true."
Estrada is a Santa Cruz County Sheriff. Why sure Estrada, we do paint all of the illegal immigrants the same, as lawbreakers. You note the word "illegal".

This one is interesting also. Poll finds AZ voters like new immigration measure. They like it a lot apparently. 70% of likely voters.

And don't forget one of the most clown-like congresscritters ever to hit AZ - Grijalva.
Let's boycott ourselves. The state needs money but everyone should shun us because of a law passed that mimics the unenforced federal law. The more I hear him speak, the more I wonder what his constituents think of him. I know what I think and am glad that he isn't mine although I can't say I am happy with my critter either.

I like Kyl's comment on the boycott.
"That's very helpful. An Arizona congressman calling for folks to boycott his home state?" Kyl said in the Washington Times. "That'll really help job creation. End of comment."

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