Monday, September 28, 2009


I see that it is becoming fashionable to post recipes on your blog. Not to be left behind......

1 Skunk

Skin, clean and remove the scent glands. Put in a strong solution of salt water and parboil for about 15 minutes. Drain off this water, add fresh water, season, and steam slowly for about 1 hour or until tender.

Mmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm ,mmmm - makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I have quite a few recipes for wild game and some other oddities. Let me know if there is a particular critter that you can't find a recipe for and I will see if it is in my database and post it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

SBH Cut & Finish

I wanted to be able to carry a "real" caliber of handgun while archery/muzzle loading hunting. You are allowed to carry a sidearm here as long as the barrel is less than 5". I had a gunsmith cut/recrown the barrel from the original 7 1/2" to 4 5/8" then off to Mac's Shootin' Irons for a Tuff-Gun finish in matt black. The weather won't be much of a concern on this one.

Before (stock picture)


I am pleased!

The Bronco Lives!

It has been a long journey mainly due to how busy the engine rebuilder was/is and me being a master procrastinator. The engine rebuilder (Phoenix Engine) had a 4-5 week backlog that turned into 7 weeks. They had over 400 engines in the shop for rebuild when I dropped mine off. they still had over 400 engines when I picked mine up. the poorer economy has definitely boosted the number of people who are keeping their old iron over buying new.

Oh no, The engine is gone!

It's back.

The 351W HO rebuild consisted of a 60 over bore, new crank (kind of stock), balancing, hotter cam, Dart Iron Eagle heads, Edelbrook dual plane intake, summit shorty headers, and a Holley 80457S carb. The felt HP increase is quite noticeable even on the tight new engine. It hasn't been on a dyno and it is unlikely it will but the shop expect that this one will turn close to 350HP and 400 torque. That is probably optimistic but it drives like it is close. We will see when it is fully broken in.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have I Been Lazy or What?

Let's try the "or what" portion of the title as to why I haven't blogged as I should.

I changed jobs during this time period which caused quite a few extra chores to be put on the list. Some people were concerned that the "boss" was leaving but the corporate dedication to the Tucson office is not dependent on an individual. I know that it will be more difficult for some as their duties will increase as will the complexity of the job. I know that Kevin is in that position. All I can recommend is to run with it and ask for more money!

It was really difficult to get in the necessary dove hunting time as I was leaving the old job. I actually went ten of the fifteen hunting mornings . The legal limt was obtained all days except two when I had morning meetings at work. Darn work interferes with fun stuff like hunting, shooting, reloading, fishing, camping, napping, etc. Hard to do all the fun stuff without money though. The alarm would go off at 4 AM so that I could get in the morning constitutional and a snack prior to taking off. I love to get there a little early (OK - at O'dark thirty) to hear the coyotes and watch the sun come up but others do not seem to feel the same. I asked my wife and daughter if they wanted to go and even offered to make them a piece of toast in the morning but to no avail. They seemed to have no interest as soon as I mention the time. My daughter told me something like, "Have fun with that". I don't think that is a positive response even though it was said with a smile.

The Bronco is back on the road. The rebuilt engine runs great but it had a fuel delivery problem. That will get corrected this weekend seeing that dove season is over. It was a difficult choice sometimes. Should I work on the truck or go hunting? The truck was delayed.

I will get back on the stick and post more regularly.