Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Those Who Don’t Pay Taxes Run the Nation

Very accurate article out of the ?Canadian Free Press? Why don't we see this out of our own press? That's a rethorical question. Read the entire column as it is quite good.

"According to the IRS, as of the 2006 federal tax reports, 97.01% of all federal taxes collected are paid by the top 50% of income earners in the nation. The bottom 50% of income earners pay only 2.99% of the federal tax haul, most paying nothing at all or getting “tax refunds” for taxes they never paid to begin with.
The break point is only $32,000 annual income. Below this income you are considered too poor to pay taxes, and above this income, you are one of “the rich” who is expected to pick up the tab for the half of the country that do not pay taxes.
Half of the nation (the greedy), pay for the other half of the nation, (the cheated.)
This item alone is what divides America today and it is the only significant difference between the political right which represents the taxpayers, and the political left which panders only to those who have come to believe that they are entitled to the earnings and private property of others. "

"If you remove all of the voting blocs that are attempting to vote themselves gifts from the public trough, Democrats couldn’t garner more than 20% public support in any national election today. But add all of those groups together and offer to buy their loyalty with the property of others and you have yourself a political juggernaut that will win political power for the next generation or two. "

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 7 & 8 Gunshow

Crossroads of the West is one of the gun show sponsors in this area. I have never been to a gun show that was this busy!

We went Saturday morning as I was interested in getting some primers for reloading. I had thought that I would get there at opening time (9 AM) and all would be well. It became obvious that many people had gotten there well before the opening bell. There had to be a couple hundred people in line to get tickets for entrance. The line progressed nicely but we were about halfway there at 9:10 and people were leaving with their two-wheeled dollies loaded with ammo.

Once inside, we worked our way over to the ammo booth that was very busy with people about three deep all the way around it. I was able get over to where the primers were. It was fortunate that most of the people standing in this location were looking for ammo, not primers. I was able to hold on to some until it was my turn about 25 minutes later. My friend found that the 7.62x39 was gone in the first fifteen minutes. Too late, as that was the guys with the dollies first thing in the morning.

It was almost impossible to look around as it was just too crowded. We decided to leave and come back the next morning. I was talking to a parking lot attendant on the way out. They had already parked 1400 cars by 10:30. Sunday morning was actually enjoyable as you could walk around and look at things. I should have bought those .44 240gr SWC at Billy Bullets on Saturday as there were none left on Sunday.

Next weekend is another one, McMann Roadrunner Gun Show, at the Expo Center. This place has less parking than the fairgrounds so it should be interesting. Go about an hour early, take a two-wheel cart and lawn chair if you want to get any ammo as it will be gone in short order!

Mention of AK-47s, 'sweetheart deals' spice opening of Valley gun seller's trial

We will see if this dealer is innocent or guilty. There is always some suspicion that there may be political motivations for the prosecution but that is not the point here.

The point is that there are laws on the books already that make the alleged behavior illegal. It would appear that additional laws are not required if the existing ones are enforced.

Judge tosses case against Phoenix gun-shop owner.

Will the Owner of a White Ford Pickup Please..

Stand up and take a bow!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

NHRA 2009 - New Fan

Once again, I went to the Nationals at Firebird! I love the smell of nitro-methane in the morning! My usual drag racing buddy could not make it this year so there I was with two premier seating tickets and just me. I contacted a young man (18 years old) that we know to see if he was available. He had never been to the drags before and was interested.

I drug him around for my usual routine. We cruised the pits. I saw a young lady standing out in front of some trailers and encouraged my guest to get his butt over there for a picture. We got a nice picture with Ashley Force. He had no idea why I was pushing the picture.

I fed him and then went back to the pits when they were starting to fire up the top fuels for tuning. This allowed him to get up close and personal with the nitro fumes and the sound level.

We went to our seats for the first pass of qualifying for pro-stock & top fuel. I believe he came about a foot off the seat when the first top fuel launched off the line. He never did get over jumping every time the light went green. I was pointing out to him that the one car on the line belonged to the young lady he had his picture taken with. He was surprised that she was a driver. Live and learn.
We were then off to roam the stores, and then back for the second qualifying pass of the pro-stock & top fuel.

I believe that there is a new drag racing fan now!

Monday, March 02, 2009


I received the Ruger from my nephew a couple of weeks ago. I had shot this one in the early 80's with my brother while on a hunting trip back in MI. My brother hunted the rifle season with only the handgun. I believe that he really never did care if he got a deer and went just to be out. I had hoped, at some time in the future, that I would be able to purchase this one from my nephew and here it is!
Now, I may just customize my SBH by cutting it down to 4 5/8 and getting it refinished.