Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Glow in the Dark Wild Boar!!??

Wild boars roam Czech forests - and some of them are radioactive

Hunting radioactive boar at night could be an alternative to wild boar hunting in Texas! Some of the boar have been eating a seasonal false truffles which have an affinity for Caesium 137 which is what was released in copious quantities at Chernobyl.
From the article ....
"The semi-good news is that even meat from radioactive animals would be a health hazard only in large doses, Drapal said. You would have to eat it several times a week for couple of months, to get sick, he said."

I can hear the conversation in the night time hunting blind now, "OK Comrade, don't shoot the glowing one in that pack. It probably has too high a level of nuclear energy to use the meat. The others you can take because you can eat a little bit of them."

I will have to get my thoughts around that statement. Let's see, the half life of Caesium 137 is 30 years. You have taken it into the system by ingesting it. The race is on! How long does it take the body to purge all of it out of the system before you have that next pulled pork sandwich? I guess you could add a little Prussian Blue to the diet which could it get it out of the system a bit quicker but I think I may just pass.