Friday, January 30, 2009

One Kangaroo Court Reminds Me of Another

Blago Is Right: His Trial Is Completely Unfair
By Tommy De Seno Attorney/Writer
The article is worth reading.

Is Blago guilty? I don't know but do believe that the low behavior exhibited here is typical of our politicians.

This type of kangaroo court reminds me of when Evan Mecham was kicked out of being governor of Arizona. I was able to listen to a lot of the impeachment proceedings on the radio. Almost every question asked of him was a leading question. The "Have you quit beating your wife yet?" type question. It was a complete farce and actually pretty entertaining to see these so called pillars of their communities acting like a lynch mob.

Keep in mind that Ev had six felony indictments by a state grand jury but Mecham was acquitted of violating campaign laws in the criminal courts. The jury returned the verdict in three hours.

Ev was live entertainment as far as the series of gaffs that came one after another. The real problem was that he would not play nice with the establishment so the kangaroo court started.

MLK was another big issue at that time. Ev had negated it as it had been created illegally. It was actually created illegally by AZ law at that time. Ooh - Ev must be racist. The holiday then went to public vote and was defeated. Aah - AZ is really racist. Actually it was defeated because people were tired of their tax bondage paying for government employee holidays. It is my opinion that government employees should have no more paid holidays than the private sector offers. It is good that MLK Day was finally set up here to honor the man. It still doesn't mean that this honor requires a cash outlay. Oh well - I diverge from topic.

It is ironic that our representatives, who are mainly attorneys, can get together for a kangaroo court and do not see any problem with it. Gives you a real warm fuzzy feeling about them doesn't it?

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Shamelessly Taken from Katey's Kafe

1. What time did you get up this morning? Got up late - 5:15 a.m.
2. Diamonds or pearls? Neither - Stainless Steel
3. Last movie you saw? I haven't been in a movie theater in about 12 years.
4. What is your favourite T.V. show? Antique Roadshow
5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Coffee
6. What is your middle name? begins with? M
7. What food do you hate? Groat clusters
8. What is your favourite CD at the moment? Jeff Beck - Who Else!
9. What kind of car do you drive? 87 Bronco, 98 Astro, 06 RAV
10. Favourite sandwich? Sardine, limburger, onion with brown mustard - Keep your distance!
11. What characteristics do you despise? Gloomy, inconsiderate, unhelpful, & rude for a start.
12. Favourite item of clothing? My hat
13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation? Australia, Alaska, China, Freedonia
14. Favourite brand of clothing? Inexpensive
15. Where would you retire to? Arizona
16. Favourite birthday? 50th - Went fishing.
17. Favourite sport to watch? None - played a lot of sports but never got into the spectator scene.
18. Furthest place you are sending this? To the midnight springs where the hot winds blow.
19. Person you expect to send it back first? Some immigrant.
20. Are you a morning or night person? Morning - see question 1.
21. What is your shoe size? 15
22. Pets? 1 dog, 2 cats
23. What did you want to be when you were little? Martian Manhunter
24. How are you today? Good - anticipating the arrival of a Ruger SRH revolver
25. What is your favourite candy? Black licorice
26. What is your favourite flower? The one blooming
27. What are you looking forward to? Receiving the SRH revolver - I know - single minded today.
28.. What are you listening to right now? Nothing
29. What was the last thing you ate? Cheese & cracker
30. Do you wish on stars? No
31. If you were a crayon what colour would you be? Can't get by the crayon part.
32. How is the weather right now? Beautiful - sun shining.
33. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Co-worker
34. Favourite soft drink? Water.
35. Favourite restaurant? Any good sushi joint.
36. Colour of hair? Brown - what's left of it.
37. What was your favourite toy as a child? Sand - we didn't have much in the way of toys.
38. Summer or winter? In MI - summer, In Tucson - Winter
39. Hugs or kisses? Both
40. Chocolate or vanilla? Not a real sweet eater but I would take a vanilla shake over chocolate.
41. Coffee or tea? Yes - as long as it is caffinated.
42. Do you want your friends to email you back? What friends?
43. What is under your bed? Have to ask my wife as it is one of her storage areas but I am sure that there is no room for monsters.
44. What did you do last night? EA degree practice, dinner, fell asleep in bed watching some drivel on TV.
45. What are you afraid of? Getting eaten alive.
46. Salty or sweet? Salty
47. How many keys on your key ring? Alot.
48. How many years at your current job? 3
49. How many towns have you lived in? 4
50. Favourite seafood? Maguro
51. Do you make friends easily? Acquaintences - yes, friends - no
52. How many friends will you send this to? None
53. How many will respond? Same as above

A Politician That I Like - Too Bad He's Not In AZ

IRS Penalties and Interest Eliminated for All U.S. Taxpayers under new “Rangel Rule” Legislation

(WASHINGTON, DC) – All U.S. taxpayers would enjoy the same immunity from IRS penalties and interest as House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) and Obama Administration Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, if a bill introduced today by Congressman John Carter (R-TX) becomes law.

Carter, a former longtime Texas judge, today introduced the Rangel Rule Act of 2009, HR 735, which would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from charging penalties and interest on back taxes against U.S. citizens. Under the proposed law, any taxpayer who wrote “Rangel Rule” on their return when paying back taxes would be immune from penalties and interest.

“We must show the American people that Congress is following the same law, and the same legal process as we expect them to follow,” says Carter. “That has not been done in the ongoing case against Chairman Rangel, nor in the instance of our new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. If we don’t hold our highest elected officials to the same standards as regular working folks, we owe it to our constituents to change those standards so everyone is abiding by the same law. Americans believe in blind justice, which shows no favoritism to the wealthy or powerful.”

Carter also said the tax law change will provide good economic stimulus benefits, as it would free many taxpayers from massive debts to the IRS, restoring those funds to the free market to help create jobs.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fables, Myths, & Other Tall Tales About Gun Laws

Now is a good time for everyone to refresh their memory. Visit the NRA ILA site to brush up on facts. I feel that it will be needed during this next presidential administration.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Arizona Electricians Are So Expensive

This comes to us from Tucson Electric Power. Look for any opening in breaker boxes as they are likely to house something we do not want to come in contact with. The pictures show what one of our lineman came across the other day while checking a meter. The critter had climbed
up through the knockout hole and was after a mouse. Needless to say, neither he or the mouse made it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

This is Funny!

Pop on over to Wasted Electrons to view FW: Awesome Craigslist Ad for a quick chuckle.

Area under wind chill advisories and warnings

I just thought it was getting cold where my folks are at before. -14 Deg.F Brrrrr.
I like Tucson better.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Archery Hunting

It is only reasonable that I take the bow for a walk since I did not get a deer during the rifle season. I saw a very nice buck the day after Christmas. It was raining, cold and in general a miserable day. My better half asked the usual rhetorical question as I was getting dressed at o-dark thirty, "Are you going out in this weather?".

It was at about 7,000 feet in elevation in the Santa Rita Mountains. No, I won't say exactly where. I saw a doe walking away but she had not seen me and here comes another deer down the hill. Dang! No wondering if it was a buck. You could tell what this bad boy was at 30 yards in the rain and cover. His motion downhill kept him at about the same range. I had to move to place my feet for a shot as he moved behind a tree that obscured his view. Naturally, he heard me but still could not place me. I had that mantra going in my head, "I am just a funny looking bush, keep walking into the next spot". I thought I had him as I got away with drawing on him. Don't you know that there was one twig between us that I missed in my tunnel vision watching the buck. I was saddening when the arrow clipped the twig and sent the arrow awry. Clean miss! He bounded away as I stood there with a little tremble. Buck fever always seems to come to me after the shot. I waited a while and started to follow after him. I gave it up as the weather front continued in and the rain went to snow. The wind kicked up and it was snow blowing sideways. I would say that visibility was about 20 feet and time to head down off the mountain. What a great day!
I know what you are thinking about now. Why is there a picture of a mountain lion? I will get there. I have been going out taking that bow for a walk every time I get a chance to see if I can pattern this buck. So far no luck. He is in the area but not when I am. I imagine that is how he got to mature status. Saturday was another trip to field. I was getting a little bored and went for still walk. There was one area about a half mile away that had a small flat spot about 20 feet across that is near water. Not much grows in that flat spot as it is mostly clay right there. Perfect for checking tracks after a rain. There were a lot deer tracks, some coyote, and a lot of lion. I started to cast around looking to see if the lion was a one time visitor. I found other tracks that were only a day or so old. That lion is there regularly. I always carry a lion tag just in case I get lucky but really hadn't thought about taking one with a bow. Would you find yourself looking over your shoulder and getting creepy feelings? Me too and I like the thrill. I was thinking that I would need to carry a more substantial sidearm if I were to try a lion with a bow. The 9mm just doesn't seem adequate for an angry lion. I would expect that you will get one shot with the bow. The lion will either run or charge. I haven't made up my mind if I should try with a bow or just wait until the end of archery deer and take the rifle for a walk. You never know, I could have my mind made up for me as I will continue to hunt that area but take the 44mag.
What would you do with a lion? I have always told my wife that I would like to take a lion once. She says, "Could we get a full body mount on one of those limbs and put it over the fireplace in the living room? There's room". Bless her heart. I like her!

Monday, January 05, 2009

I Will No Longer Support eBay

eBay can pucker up and kiss my hairy, old, wrinkled.....

I was told that eBay wouldn't sell guns, gun parts and ammo. I never before checked to see just what else may go crosswise with their PC operation. I had a listing removed that was a magazine for an SKS. It was on the banned items list because it was necessary for the firing of a weapon. Really? I could have sworn that I could take the mag out of just about anything and fire it one shell at a time. Upon further consideration I thought that maybe that made some sense due to the hi-cap restrictions in some states.

Then I got another item banned. It was a holster! Part of the email exchange is below. It would appear that even an image of a weapon sparks great fear into them. Naturally the email reads on the normal reverse order.

You should go back and remove one more that is running as a relist also, 220339922289. The evil image is on this one also. The only thing pending on this account will now be the clown that bid but hasn't paid or made contact - 92141rita. You can inactivate that one also. Now that nothing is pending - you can close my account. I am not going to pay any more money to any organizations that are rabidly antigun. Please get your December payment from Paypal asap. I will decide if this account stays open later.

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound when you talk about banning IMAGES of LEGAL items.

-------------- Original message --------------
From: eBay Customer Support

> Dear Donald,
> Thank you for writing eBay in regards to your ended listing
> I would like to apologize if there was any confusion or if this has
> brought you any frustration. I will gladly explain why the listing was
> removed.
> Unfortunately, your listing was removed because it contained an image of
> a firearm in the listing.
> Listings that contain an image of a firearm are not allowed on eBay even
> if the firearm is not the item for sale. This policy is part of our
> effort to maintain a safe trading environment and prevent the sale of
> firearms on eBay.
> All fees associated with this listing have been refunded to your
> account. If your item otherwise complies with our firearms policy, we
> invite you to relist the item with a revised image that doesn't show a
> firearm. You will be able to list the case without the mention or the
> image of the firearm.
> For more information on the eBay Firearms, Weapons and Knives policy and
> to review the list of permitted items, please visit:
> Click the "Show" link to see examples.
> If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reply to this
> email and let us know.
> Sincerely,
> Alyce
> eBay Customer Support

I am waiting to hear their response but expect nothing but a "sorry you feel that way and goodbye" email. That is OK as I just really, really don't want to support this type of group. I will post up their next response later.