Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aye, Aye Captain .......Spork

HATE cleric Abu Hamza is set to be fitted with a SPOON to replace his famous hook, it was revealed last night.

"Hamza, who lost his hand and an eye in an explosion in Afghanistan, has been fuming since he was stripped of his metal hook by US jail staff because it was a security risk.
His lawyers say he is unable to use toilets properly and can’t turn taps on or off."

Hold it. Aren't you supposed to use your left hand for bathroom chores, not your right hand hook spork? Don't these people know that a spoon can be dangerous. It could be sharpened up. Anyone remember that old Chex Quest game? It was actually rather fun. When you were out of ammo for everything else, there was always the spoon!

Who's to Blame

Obama: I Didn't Cancel W.H. Tours, Secret Service and Congress to Blame

Oh, come on. You know that there must be some way that you could blame President Bush for this. You have managed on so many other topics that were not related to him. What a (another) bald face lie. The Secret Service just takes care of business as directed and does not schedule events. What does Congress have to do with White House scheduling? At least go back to blaming Bush as the delusional base loves it.

It is disturbing that the mind set of the tax & spend crowd along with the bureaucrats always have to find the most painful and highly advertised way to cut the budget. Wow, you had to cut a little over 2% and you are going to make a huge show of cutting everything but waste. I imagine that it should not be such a surprise as these people truly believe that this money belongs to them. They even come right out and say that this is the governments money. Cutting anything, even including cutting increases to spending, is viewed by them as theft. You stole my money, therefore you must be punished.

We see only a few of the "Upstart" representatives objecting. These are the people that are branded as Tea Party, Libertarians, and wacko birds. I like the term wacko birds. It reminds of when the children were little and had some fierce name calling such as poopy head. Good grief, do we actually elect these people? I am looking for the flush button but fear that one was never installed properly. Perhaps there could be another consideration to ridding ourselves of career politicians. Can you say, "Term Limits?" I knew you could. We might have a chance of getting that passed. There is no chance that we can rely on the dumbed downed and dependent voters to do anything but look for the best handout.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Renaissance Festival

Daughter #1 was the festival a couple of weeks ago. She enjoys the events and seems to go depending on her school schedule at NAU. The archery game was looking for some action and challenged her to play for five dollars. If you could put up five straight bulls eyes with five arrows then you would win fifty dollars. She had informed them that they didn’t want her to play. I believe they assumed that meant the she didn’t want to play. The normal hawking harassment ensued but she was keeping her ground. They finally wanted her to shoot one arrow for free. She said, “OK, how do you hold the bow?”
Keep in mind that this young lady surprised the heck out of me the first time she shot. She wanted to go with daughter #2 and me to the archery range. We must have been talking about what fun we had and she decided she wanted to join in. We went down to the caveman warehouse to have a look at bows. She did not want any of those things with wheels and pulleys so we selected a stick bow for her to try. We stepped the range in the back and went through a few basics of stance, grip, etc. She shot a bull’s eye on the second shot and proceeded to keep doing it while announcing that this was easy. It turns out that she seems to be a pretty natural shooter. She shoots well!

I asked, “So you really asked them how to hold the bow?” I guess that she must have been paying attention when some of us were talking about hustling up games in past years. She shot her free arrow about a foot low and to the right on purpose. She definitely was paying attention when we were talking about hustling. She said, “Dad, the target was only about 5 meters away!” Now the guys running the range went into full sale mode to convince her to pay the five dollars. She “reluctantly” agreed and proceeded to place the next five straight into the black. The fellows seemed surprised and then asked why she didn’t want to play. She let them know that she did not say that. She had told them that, “You don’t want me to play.” She merrily collected her loot and went off to spend at the fair for other items.
I wonder if her picture is under the counter at the archery setup with a note to not challenge? That’s my girl!