Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GM's TV Ad

I do believe that GM has further convinced me that my next vehicles will be anything but GM. That ad is insulting at best. A lot of gall bragging that they paid off their $6.9 billion loan. We, the taxpayers, ended up giving them $50 billion in bailout money. GM raided the money from another fund and "payed off" this one for advertising purposes.

I believe that they are also in the process of asking for $10 billion more. Comments from the Treasury Department indicate that chances of repayment are somewhere between slim and none.

I do hope that Ford can stay off the dole so at least one American manufacturer remains independent.

I might be tempted to buy a GM product in the future but Government Motors won't get a sale from me. Let's see, a 69 Vette Roadster with the 427 comes to mind or maybe a 66 Cadillac Eldorado or maybe a Yenko or....there are some great classics out there.

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