Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Blogshoot

The 2016 Annual Central Arizona Blogshoot organized by The Smallest Minority was a fun time as always. Thanks to Kevin for going "early" to set up targets to share. It was a bit cold in the AM but a far cry from last years Blogshoot and Firearms Wind Tunnel Testing event.

I had the opportunity to test out modifications to the Yugo. It had some light primer strikes in the past which I associated with the replacement firing pin which changed it from free floating to having a spring. It was assumed that the trigger spring was too old and weak for the new assembly. A new spring pack was ordered with a couple of different strength main springs. That was not the issue. Upon dis-assembly, I discovered that I had not gotten all of the cosmoline out from inside the spring. It was apparently still compressed enough that the carb cleaner did not take it out and you could not see it until after full dis-assembly. The original spring was cleaned and everything re-assembled. Well, 140 rounds later and no light strikes. I guess I have a couple of spare new springs. Have I mentioned that I think the original iron sights on these are awful?

I had two 22 revolvers with me. The H&R 999 Sportsman (love those top breaks) had a touch of a light hammer strike on the rim of the cartridges and would sometimes require a second hit. A spring pack had been ordered from Numrich and the main was replaced. It is flawless in operation now. This is the second time I had this one apart as I replaced the ejector cam some time ago to allow for proper ejection of the 9 shells. 

The other revolver had not been shot and it is a High Standard Sentinel. This is a swing out 9 shot cylinder double action. It shot well without any difficulties. It was about time to try it out as it has been resting in the safe for about 6 months since I purchased it.

The Hawkins 54 cal smoke pole that was recently assemble from an old kit shot well. This was was purchased for a screaming deal from a fellow whose uncle had never assembled it over a lot of years. I do not know when Cabelas went from their kit guns being made in Italy to being provided by Traditions. I always want to provide some appropriate smoke on the firing line for the event so I tend to take a black powder weapon. You would think that everyone would thank me for using Pyrodex instead of the real thing! It was amusing to hit one of the steel gongs on the first shot seeing as this had just been assemble. I had thought that I would probably have to go to paper in short order however it seemed to be good on windage and touch off on elevation. Not too bad. I decided to wait for another time to actually paper it a 100 yards as I was having too much fun shooting and playing with the double trigger set.

There were no takers to shoot my little Leinad Cobray one shot derringer. Dang, they are crudely made and operate about the same. I had heard that the 410 shell kicked harder than the 45 Long Colt. This is true but not by much. What a handful! I shot 3 - 45s, 2 - 410 slugs, and 2 - 410 buckshot. It is a sure thing that I hit something (dirt) out there but I could never tell where. I had tried to shoot a dove earlier in the hunting season. It was put away after the first shot. I patiently waited along a brush row for a dove to fly close enough and one finally did. I shot behind it (big surprise) and had two thoughts. This thing kicks badly! The next one was that hearing protection is required as my ears rang for about a half hour afterwards! I will reconsider after I get another set of electronic muffs that have the back neck band as I want my hat on for UV protection while hunting. 

I would thank everyone that was there as all were pleasant to speak with. What a fun time and I look forward to next year. Be for-warned, I will bring the real deal next year for the BP guns so you should save me a space downwind of everyone else!