Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Illegal Amnesty

Here we go again. I say, once again, that I am opposed to any talks until the border is secure. Once we have secured the borders then we come move forward with the rest of the topics. The follow up topics should be about a naturalization path, not amnesty. Illegal behavior should not be rewarded with amnesty. Rewarding bad behavior begets more bad behavior.

Not before a secure border is in place will I believe that any of our politicians are anything but pontificating baboons. My apologies to the baboons for comparing them to politicians. It is just a mental image that I would like to see most politicians spanked until their buttocks are as red as a baboons.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Fun Day at the Range

Come on, sing along. You know you want to.

Oh, give me a home where liberals groan,
Where the riflemen and pistoleros play,
Where often is heard an encouraging word
And the ammo keeps going downrange.

Home, home on the range
Where the targets are neatly displayed.
Where often is heard an encouraging word
And weapons are freely exchanged.

Where the wind is so calm, the ammo is free,
And the targets they reset themselves,
That I not give up second amendment rights
For the promise of security.

Home, home on the range
Where the targets are neatly displayed.
Where often is heard an encouraging word
And weapons are freely exchanged.

I am frequently told by my children that I am either primeval or weird. Pick a day for which it might be true but don't pick payday as they get more polite when there is a possibility of money being involved. My wife just shakes her head and smiles as this behavior is expected.

The 2013 Southern/Central Arizona Blogshoot was a lot of fun, again! This was organized, I think,  by Exurban Kevin and The Smallest Minority. Thanks to everyone who showed up. We had a fine time exchanging weapons, ammo, advice and stories. Exurban Kevin has a fairly complete list of attendees in the comments so I won't repeat here.

I have two disappointments from my time on the range. The first is that I did not bring more 44Mag ammo. The Henry Big Boy was bigger hit than I had thought it would be. It is a sweet shooter. The other item that I need to correct the next time is that I had to leave too early and missed out on meeting a couple more bloggers.

My two Bernardelli Model 80 pistols were finally fired. The 22 needs a new extractor spring and the 380 has a light primer strike (firing pin or main spring). Otherwise, they functioned just fine.I will have to keep and eye on Numrich for parts. Another weapon that I had collected but not fired was a CZ 52 (Tokerov). It sure is LOUD even for a pistol. I had some problems with it that all cleared up with an ammo change. I also had a chance to fire that old H&R 999 Sportsman. This shot well but does have a weak mainspring for a light hammer strike. This is the revolver with the pin on the hammer so I do not know of another good reason for a light strike as the hammer looks clean.

I had also brought my old 44Mag SBH that has been cut down to 4 5/8" and guncoated. The modification I made to the front sight seemed to hold up and worked just fine. I needed to get this checked out again as this is the one I typically carry when archery hunting. One just never knows when he will be attacked by some wild beast while taking the bow for a walk.

Thanks to everyone for the fine time!