Monday, March 16, 2015

Zombie Rounds

I look for inexpensive bullets to load for plinking and steel shoots. I ran across Lucky13 whose prices seemed good and shipping on cast bullets is included. Now the pricing was looking real good with shipping included. They are also putting up coated cast bullets. I ordered some to try for the 44 and got them to throw in a handful of 9mm to sample. Nice people to talk to. You have a choice of one color - Zombie 13!
Daughter #1 says - They look like poison tips. Daughter #2 says - Cool!
My wife says - they should come in purple.
They were nice to handle for reloading. These rounds also shot well. Time to order some for real.

I do not receive anything from Lucky13 (or anyone else for that matter) to do any reviews or comments.

Diet of Nope - Part IV

I continue on my merry way towards my target weight. The scale tells me that I am 100 pounds down now which means that I am 10 pounds away from my target weight! Now for the bad news. I don't think that the last ten pounds will be quite enough. Twenty more pounds to go!

Cruising the web for different foods to try can be interesting. I ran across one site that was more along the lines of things that you shouldn't eat. Did you know that processed baked goods ( can you say donut?) are bad for you? Wow, there is a real revelation. One would not think that it would be necessary to tell people that frosting, soda, donuts, bagels, sugary cereal, stick margarine etc are not great foods.