Monday, September 08, 2008

Dove Season !!!!!

Dove season here runs September 1st through the 15th. I took my .410 out on Labor Day (opening day). I shoot this shotgun in skeet occasionally and have hunted with it in years past. I have limited out many times with it.

You would have thought that I had never shot it before. A box of shells was gone and I had one bird. Ouch! I went back to the truck and changed for my 20 gauge coach gun and shot the remaining birds in an hour.

The 20 became the go-to gun for a while. I have been going for a little each morning and arriving at work just a little late. The family has to keep eating doves so that I have a legal possession limit in the freezer. Good thing they like them!

I took the 410 for a walk again Saturday and shot 10 but couldn't find the last one. That was good enough as it was getting hot. I have heard people comment that it must be really easy to shoot those doves with a shotgun. This is usually from the non-hunting types that have no concept of trying to shoot something that zig-zags at up to 55 MPH. It would be a lot of fun to get one of these folks to the field for some of that easy as pie bird shooting.

Some days I can shoot better than 50%. I have been known to have a serious case of CHS (can't hit stuff) other days. I need to decide on barbeque or casserole tonight - yumm!