Monday, April 12, 2010

Bowling Pin Shoot

Sunday morning was perfect weather for the bowling pin shoot set up by Kevin. This was quite a bit of fun but then I am fond of reactive targets. This was the first run so I went along to help setup. There were soooo many people there that you........oh never mind, you could count them on two hands. Left hand, right hand, let's see that's two right?

Never-the-less, it was a good run as we had all the shooting time we wanted, the tables worked well, and we figured out a couple things to try for the next run.

I bowl in a charity league formed by the Shieks Unit of the Shrine. To be more specific, I am one of the people running the league. I spoke with the manager and got us 40 pins to start with. He was curious what I wanted the pins for and seemed to think the the shoot was a fine idea so the first set of pins was free. One of the young men working at the alley had the cases of pins on a two wheel dolly and brought them out to the van for me. He was also very curious as to why I wanted old pins. After explaining to him their purpose he wanted to know if I would bring one of the shot-up ones back in.

I took one of the pins in last night which provided amusement for most of us especially the young man that helped me load up. He was back numerous times to admire it. I also threatened the pins at the end of the alley with similar treatment if they did not fall over more readily when I was bowling. I don't think that worked as I bowled as poorly as ever.

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