Monday, March 14, 2016

Win 24 Part IV

I took Friday off from work to go with a friend to chase his dog and some chukars. What a great day! Dad's Win 24 SxS 12 gauge ready to go, a Brittany Spaniel working ahead of you and chukars on the ground all make for a fine morning. I have been working out the shotgun by firing numerous time into the snap caps and was looking forward to some live rounds to try loosening that action since the cerekote refinish. It was still tight after all these years prior to the refinishing and it was really tight afterwards.

Two birds were put out to start with. I shot the first at about 25 yards. My friend shot the second about 15 minutes later. While waiting for a couple of more birds, I ran about 8 rounds through the gun to attempt to get it so that it would lock up easier. Seems to be working! Another box or two aught to about do it. After the other birds were put out, my friend shot the next one. My first shot missed the last bird but I still shot the bird on the second shot (full choke) at about 40 yards. A few times I got to borrow this shotgun for pheasant hunting in Michigan if Dad wasn't going and always found that combination of the Mod/Full choke great for larger bird hunting.

It may seem strange or silly to some but there a little wave of euphoria and sadness upon taking that first bird with the first shot with Dad's gun. Memories flow and dang I miss that man.  It is also the first shotgun I ever shot. I would tag along with Dad when he was hunting even when I was too young to hunt myself. I would also nag the crap out him for me to shoot it, even just once. I was usually told that it was bit too much gun for a little guy like me. This is nothing but a challenge to a small boy so the begging continued until one magical day Dad said yes. We found an old tin can and set it up. I could hardly hold the shotgun up but you were not going to get any help. Either you can do it or not. I missed the can and about sat in the dirt. Dad asked if I wanted to shoot it again and I answered that I did not want to right now but would the next time we were out again. He laughed as I expected that answer was anticipated. My shoulder was so sore. I remember Mom wanting to know how I got bruised and was told of the sterling event. She commented to Dad that I might be a bit young. I believe the rejoinder was that I was old enough and it didn't knock him down. What bragging ensued among my peers as I got to shoot the big gun and had the bruise to prove it!

It is interesting in that I have the first shotgun that I ever shot and the first one that I ever owned (Sears bolt action 16 ga.) Hmmm, might be some more ice cream in stories about the 16 gauge.

Winchester Model 24 SxS