Thursday, June 09, 2016

Look Out Chicago!

Another whirlwind trip is completed. I flew to San Angelo to help Daughter #1 (D#1) pack and load up over the Memorial Day weekend. It was time to go meet up with her fiancé. Things were in good shape so there was time to relax a little too. Nothing like relaxing to season two of Daredevil! I also became acquainted with the Sherlock series and found them to be highly entertaining. We packed most of the stuff on Monday evening with the valuables (TV, document box, etc.) getting loading on Tuesday morning and off we went. The wastelands of central Texas seem to be very similar to the western side as in they both sucked equally. About the only interesting part in Texas was near Wichita Falls where it rained quite hard if you want to call that interesting. A little north of Wichita Falls, Daughter #1 waved goodbye to Texas with a double one finger salute and said some last words that included good riddance.

People in the hick town of San Angelo figure that if a woman has short hair that she must be gay as God did not mean for girls to groom that way and would offer to pray for you to regain the correct sexual orientation and hairdo. Seriously, they would actually ask if they could pray for you. Innocently ask them why and they would hem n haw and stumble along to saying something like, "Well, you know, your hair." D#1 would ask questions like, "Oh my God, is it falling out?", just to watch them squirm further. Hick town religious morons. A lot of medical professionals do not like having long hair for a myriad of reasons but no excuse should be needed for any reason. Hence the FU to Texas on the way out.

We traveled on to Joplin without any real difficulties and stayed there for the night. We had some rain in the AM but nothing in particular and drove out of it on the way down to St. Louis. An interesting sculpture was at the Missouri visitor center.

Not every state uses construction markers as the basis for their art display. Hope they did not have to pay too much to the artist. I must say that Missouri has the greatest amount of road signs such as ads for the Candy Factory and Worlds Largest Gift Store, Route 66 Museum(s), Jesse James Museum, and caves. Lots of caves in Missouri to explore. This provided us with some amusement during the drive. There were all kinds of neat places we could stop along the way.
I must say that AZ probably has the record for the longest distance from signs to the location as there are ads for "The Thing" all over the state. I even saw one in NM in between El Paso and Las Cruces.

I was disappointed that when we crossed into Illinois the road signs disappeared. How boring it was, I think that I will write a letter to the chamber of commerce complaining about the lack of road ads.

We arrived into the Chicago area about 4 PM and only had stop-n-go traffic for the last couple of miles before our turnoff. We arrived just fine and D#1 took the fiancé's vicious guard dog
for a walk and then we unloaded the SUV. The beagle took a shine to me right away due to my glowing and kind personality. It had nothing to do with the treats I was carying in my pockets! I basically goofed off on Thursday and hung a few pictures as requested.

 Friday was a nice day and we went for a walk at the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve that is right across the street from the apartment. It was decided to walk to the waterfall and have a look see.
I commented that it was probably about two feet high as I did not see where the terrain was adequate for much more. Boy was I wrong as it was at least four feet high! Kidding aside, it is a nice preserve to hike around in.

Saturday found us at the Museum of Science and Industry. If you get a chance while in Chicago - GO! It is a great museum and I would definitely go back again.
 There were trains and planes and bridges (Lego) and games and submarines (U-505) and bicycles and robots!

I had one of these games!

This too!

 And electricity!

I always wanted to be an engineer!

We had a lot of fun. The following day found me at the airport as it was time for me to return to Tucson and work. I was sad to leave.