Friday, June 24, 2011

Judge intervenes to let tea party hand out Constitution

Heaven forbid someone actually read the U.S. Constitution! Don't pass out that subversive literature! Egads! Its Tea Partiers passing out the Constitution, circle the wagons and pass new rules.
The board of this library should be replaced. Porn 1, Constitution 0

The score isn't quite correct yet since there is a  preliminary injunction against the library preventing them from implementing the new rules. 

Jon Stewart on "Fast and Furious"

This is quite good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Shooter!

Daughter #1 and I went to the Marksman's facility on Saturday for the NRA Basic Handgun course. I also took the course to keep her company. It was a good refresher and the instructor was lively. The instructor recognized me and asked if I was taking the course to keep my daughter company. I nodded yes and he smiled. The classroom handguns were 22LR S&W.  double action with the 8 round cylinder. Perfect starter gun. We went through all the usual safety and operational items before lunch. Range time would be from 1-2PM.

She was a bit nervous come range time but survived it well. I don't know that it is fair to call her a new shooter as she has shot a shotgun before - one session at the trap field. Her main enjoyment is archery. Regardless, she did just fine and seems to have a good eye. She obviously paid attention during the class portion of stance, grip and sight plane. All of her shots were within the boundaries of a CCW target. I was keeping an eyeball on her target while we were shooting and I could see her pattern tightening up nicely.

We shot about 50 rounds of 22, 6 rounds of 38, and 2 of 9mm. I like shooting anything so I was entertained aside from the limited amount of ammo for the 38 and 9mm. It was nice that I got to shoot three weapons that I had never touched before. She had a big smile at the end of the range time.

Upon returning home my target was presented to mom as being hers. Mom just gave her "the eye" and said she wanted to see the other target. After a few more seconds of  "the eye" she confessed that the target with a ragged hole was mine. She said that she was watching my target and was trying to figure out if I was missing the whole thing. She kept seeing little pieces of paper on the floor and came to the realization of what was happening.

With the class we received a range pass for a month. I have been informed that this was fun and we should go back while it is free. Now we need to go over the operation of my P22 and Single Six. Works for me!

Daughter #2 will go to the same course after returning from summer vacation. I expect that I will attend again. Perhaps I can talk to the instructor about having three different guns for me to try!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Can I have a SWAT team too?

I was thinking about starting my own church, The Powerhouse Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of the Blinding Light (thank you Firesign Theater), but am concerned that attendance might not be good in the beginning. Hence, I would like my own SWAT team choir to go house to house and shake people down gather loan repayments owed God. You owe everything to God and he has informed me, Pastor Rod Flash (thanks again Firesign Theater), that it is time to collect. I am sure that I can blackmail find some judge to get some warrants so that we go collecting door-to-door for your forced repayment charitable contributions. I wonder which judge the Department of Education used for this SWAT invasion for a student loan repayment? This judge would be my first choice for my warrants.

OK - snark off, but it makes just about as much sense as what was actually done. ED has no business having a police arm much less pulling SWAT invasions. The fact that it was done over a student loans shows the idiocy of the bureaucracy. Did I just use idiocy and bureaucracy in the same sentence? I hate being redundant. This message brought to you by the Department of Redundency Department (thanks yet again Firesign Theater).