Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey! Wanna Win One of THESE?

That's ParaUSA's new GI Expert entry-level 1911. The specs are:
Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel: 5 inches, stainless steel
Twist: 1 in 16 inches, left-hand
Action: Single-action, Semi-automatic
Sights: Dovetail Fixed, 3-White Dot
Receiver: Carbon Steel
Trigger: Medium length
Hammer: Skeletonized Spur
Magazine: 8-round with removable base pad (two provided with pistol)
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Height: 5.75 inches
Weight: 39 ounces
Finish: Covert Black Para Kote™
Stocks: Checkered Polymer
Safeties: Slide Lock, Internal Firing Block, Grip
Additional Features: Lowered and flared ejection port, beveled magazine well, flat mainspring housing, grip safety contoured for spur hammer
MSRP: $599
Remember, THIS GUN WILL BE FIRED AT THE RENDEZVOUS. They will try to clean it up a bit before it is passed on to the winner!

Soldier's Angels is running the on-line ticket sales ($10 each, no limit!), and there is also a chance to win a four day training course from the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute worth $2,000!

Raffle Details:

Drawing will be on Saturday evening, September 12th at the
Gun Blogger Rendezvous
at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno, Nevada.

The winner need not be present to win.
(But you ought to be anyway!)

It is up to the online raffle ticket purchaser to verify that they can
legally receive and own this pistol where they live, and the winner
must be a resident of the United States. If they cannot legally own this
pistol, they are automatically disqualified from the raffle, and there
is no substitution or other prize to be awarded. All decisions are
final. Raffle tickets sold at the Rendezvous, and raffle tickets sold
online will be combined in the drawing.

Important: To win a gun in the raffle, make sure you can legally own it
before you buy a ticket.

On-Line ticket sales END on Friday Sept. 4th. at midnight!

If you want to win one of the many, many other prizes being given away, you either have to attend, or you'd better know someone who is! ;-)

All this was shamelessly lifted from Kevin's site in hoping for more sales for Soldiers' Angels. Kudos to Kevin for his efforts in supporting this group.

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Them Away From Their Spending Spree

"Wasting gargantuan sums of money that it will take us generations to repay isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our liberal rulers have had to use their imaginations to flush so much away so quickly. The clever wild horse welfare bill will burn up the better part of a $billion:

The bill would provide 700 million dollars for the “Restore Our American Mustangs Act” for a horse census every two years and “enhanced contraception” or birth control for horses.

In typical Orwellian fashion, the mustangs are being “restored” by having their numbers reduced. Mark Stein reports that the bill also calls for government bureaucrats to inspect the homes of anyone willing to adopt a mustang, possibly requiring a new Federal Burro of Investigation."

Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are!

Why Should WE Pay For Free Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens?

"This charlatan and seducer of young peoples’ minds does NOT have the right to just take our tax dollars that were paid to improve our country and just GIVE it away so some of these new illegal aliens will become citizens and have the power and privilege to vote for him and his crooked and corrupt henchmen and women in our Congress. Why isn’t there some one or some other government department that can stop this blatant thievery? "

I expect Jerry McConnell to get off the fence sometime and tell us what he really thinks.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Riding the Bus

My daughter flew to Dayton with one of her friends and his family. During this time she wanted to get to Toledo and then to Temperance to visit Grandma's and Grandpa's places. She booked the bus to get between the two spots. I did not comment too much at the time because the only way to truly get a feeling for bus travel is by participating in this particular form of mass transit. She would only have thought that I was trying to repress (think Monty Python) her.

She flew yesterday and was on the bus today. My wife got an email stating that, "I don't like riding the bus with all the smelly people". After our laughter subsided, I suggested that we send an email telling her to hang a cloth around her neck and spray it with Fabreeze every so often as this would dampen the smell.

There might be a few good things to remember when traveling by bus such as:
  • Wear a medical mask. People don't know if you a sick or not and tend to move on.
  • Sit towards the front of the bus, never in the rear. Some undesirables sit back there. The bathroom is back there and usually stinks.
  • Look for the little old lady that appears clean to sit beside. Pick who you sit beside instead of hoping that some deviant doesn't sit beside you.
In my daughter's honor I have created some additional lyrics for the song "People".


People who ride Greyhound

Are the smelliest people in the world

Where addicts needing a quick fix

And pretending they are just fine

Hide all the need inside

Acting more insane every minute


Are very special people

They’re the smelliest people in the world

With one drifter,
One very special drifter

A feeling deep in your soul
Says you might not make it alive

No more water or food

The toilet is flooding and paperless

People, People who ride Greyhound

Are the smelliest people in the world.

With one driver

One very tired driver

A feeling deep in your soul
Says you might not make it alive

No more water or food

The toilet is flooding and paperless

People, People who ride Greyhound

Are the smelliest people in the world.

Thursday, July 09, 2009