Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steelworkers Shoot

Someone (Kevin) remembered to bring a camera so we could film some of the shoot. I valiantly defended my postion within the ranks although there is little desire for my last place spot by the other shooters. There seems to be a little improvement at each match which is of some benefit. The main thing is that this is FUN!

Boy is this guy slow.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Celebrating the 4th

I was trying to get a few friends and family together to celebrate the 4th. Everyone was sent invitation that informed of fun to be had with games and barbecue with Southwest themes. We even went so far as to have a schedule of events.
1 - Snake Hunt & Pull - kind of like tug-of-war - great fun for everyone. Team with the largest pieces of snake are declared winners. Caution is required for snake selection. Leave the Diamondbacks alone. Picture added for clarification.

Good snake.

Bad snake.

2 - Javelina Toss - self explanatory. How far can you throw that pig?

Oops - wrong picture


3 - Roadrunner Race - Catch the Roadrunner

I hope you have better luck than Wiley E.

4 - It's time to cool down before dinner so it is time for one of my favorites - Bobbing for Bobcats!The tough part is getting them in the tub.

Appetizer - Steamed Skunk Chunks

I actually have a recipe for steamed skunk. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Soup - Pygmy Owl Soup
Have a recipe for this also but it calls for Rat Cheese. Not sure where to find it so I always substitute goat.

Barbecue - Rocky Mountain Oyster Kabobs and Red Squirrel On-A-Stick
Yup - got these recipes too.
Dessert - Chilled Condor Gizzards
Sure are ugly buzzards - no pun intended.

Drink - Coyote Whiz Beer
Like my Daddy always said, "Son, its in the water. That's why its yellow."

After Dinner Games and Papa's favorite - Playing Possum.
Not quite Southwest but who cares.
Quando omni flunkus moritati.

So far - no takers. I guess that I will go shoot a couple of rounds of trap & skeet as the range is open. One of my favorite kinds of aerial booms! Go find something to make noise with! Happy 4th!