Monday, January 26, 2015

Blog Shoot

Thanks to Kevin for setting up the annual Blog Shoot and Wind Tunnel Firearms Test!
I showed up late at the Elsy Range in beautiful Casa Grande as it is still dark at 7 AM. There is enough difficulty getting through all my PT exercises and getting to work on time much less doing it on the weekend. Besides, it should be warmer later in the morning. I am only really motivated for early morning events like hunting, fishing, and the occasional steel shoot.
I arrived on site to see target stands being blown over and the cheerful clapping sound of the flapping targets caught up in the range fence. One did not have to worry whether the wind was going to blow or not as it seemed to be a steady wind about 10 to 15 mph with gusts that had to be in the 25 mph category.
The range was actually pretty busy with a bunch of hardy souls busily blaming the wind for the world's ills. Most of my time was spent with my hands in my pockets watching others shoot. This was fine as it was by my choice. Sometimes I would move into the sunlight to try to catch a few rays of warmth.
It is hard to not laugh when you watch someone go downrange to set a target back up, pile some small rock on the target base, admire their handy-work, get back on line, the range goes hot and the wind gusts up to blow the target over.
One shooter had the right idea. They brought some cloth bags with them and filled them with sand/rock at the range. These were heavy enough to serve as adequate target stand ballast. The wind, not to be outdone, really gusted up and ripped the target right off the stand. The target stand stands alone.
I finally did get around to shooting the EAA and Single Six prior to leaving but never did shoot a couple of rifles that were left safely out of the wind in my vehicle. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood regardless and it was nice to meet a couple of new people. It was a great morning!

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