Friday, January 09, 2015

Where Did Everybody Go?

I went out to the Crossroads of the West show on Jan. 3rd at the fairgrounds. Where were the vendors? It was a dismal show from my standpoint as the floor was probably about 60% occupied with a lot of the Ma & Pa tables being absent. I like to peruse the small vendor tables as that is where I get see some of the more interesting items and oddities. I really have no interest in looking a three vendor tables full of new Taurus weapons. That might just be me since I would not buy another Taurus anything.

My interest would fall more to seeing another S&W top break, H&R top break, Bernardelli Model 80, or many other items that are not in production anymore.

I am interested in a 410 derringer but Bond Arms derringers must be gold plated according to their pricing.  The only real interest here is to take it dove hunting and see if I can pick off one or two that come close by for bragging rights. "Heck, I don't even need a shotgun to get my limit. All I need is a derringer". I would carry it as a backup bug occasionally but $500 for a two shot?

The previous show in Tucson at the Expo Center was also pretty poor. Guess that I will have to head up to the next one that is held in Phoenix at the fairgrounds to get to a larger venue. Sounds like a road trip. Phx gunshow in the day and over to Bass Pro for some gator tail later!

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