Monday, January 05, 2015

I Like Christmas, I Like Cookies Too!

I found a great tree for Christmas!

We set it up, took a picture, sent it to our daughter and announced that we were cutting back this year. With both daughters being gone, it just wasn’t the same and I wasn’t in the mood. We took down the cute little tree, put it upstairs and proceeded to decorate. Here is my obligatory picture of decorated antlers.

I had a fun time this Christmas. Daughter #1 made it home to visit and that is always a pleasure. My wife and I tend to buy our own items for the other to present. She got a nice ring and I bought a gun safe. The safe was a screaming deal as one of my co-workers won it in a raffle and had no use for it.

We picked daughter #1 at the airport on Christmas Eve. I had special presents for everyone to open prior to going to service that evening. I informed them that I had contacted the church and they were in agreement for us to join in with their band for a number or two. They both viewed me with those skeptical glances that tell me that they know me too well.

My wife received a couple of slide whistles so that she could match the key of the songs. I believe that the wiener dog was her favorite.

Our daughter got the kazoo and tambourine. She is very talented at both but that is no surprise to me as she has always been able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

I could switch from the jaws harp to the spoons at a moment’s notice. The spoons were good but I think that the jaws harp was defective. I could not make any noise but some irritating twang come out of it

We played around, practiced and laughed a lot. When it came time to leave, I noticed that they did not seem to have their instruments with them. They refused to take them with them! I was sorely disappointed and tried to convince them that the church was depending on us but this was to no avail. The last song at service was very lively and our daughter leaned over and commented that she should have brought the tambourine.

I received some great presents but will not post any pictures of underwear or socks. Daughter #2 and son-in-law #1 got me a very nice replica knife along with a bowl. Let me know if you can translate.

They are currently in Okinawa and come up with some interesting items.

Daughter #1 got me a big candy cane while at Disney.

My wife got me a masonic square and compasses that folds to expose a dagger.

Santa brought me some gun oil made out of Liberal Tears – Now With Bacon! I don’t know how I could add anything more than what is on the bottle.
No not the bottle of Cholulu, the other one. Perhaps that is what makes their eyes tear.

It was a fantastic Christmas!

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