Sunday, October 04, 2015

Win 24 Part II




It's alive! Even without the aid of the Wee Free Men, I was able to re-assemble it only to find that the left barrel still did not work right. Pulled the stock again so that I could see the inner workings and the left sear was not engaging all the way. It had actually moved as far as it mechanically could. The right was tight.

I was checking to see the chokes on the barrels as they are on the underside and not visible when assembled. Odd, the front trigger was on the full choke and I remember that modified was first up before. I looked at the triggers again and there is a slight difference of about a millimeter or so in the height of the "bump" (technical term) on them where the sears ride. Could it really be that simple? Drifted the pin out, swapped triggers, pin back in and it works as it should! It is a bit tight from having the cerakote applied but that will wear in. Not bad for a shotgun made 1939. We are ready for hunting.

 I will pull it apart again later when I am ready to do the stock on the Hawkins kit BP rifle and do them both with the MinWax Classic Oil Finish. Steam a few dents out and new finish on this walnut stock will complete this one.

I now know more about the innards of a model 24 than I ever really wanted to.

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