Monday, October 26, 2015

I Hear My Name Being Called

I like to fish. I am sure that you asking yourself if that is supposed to be some grand revelation on a biblical scale! Well, it is probably not a revelation of any sort to those who know me. While working on the furniture for the shotgun and smokepole, this swam into view.
Note the boat in the background.

 These strange objects became visible through the murky depths while hanging things up to dry on the porch. This a fish cleaning board, stainless steel fillet glove, and an old scrub pad that seem to be reaching obscurity and overgrown by the Queen's Lace.

The view of these objects and implements brought a twinge of nostalgia as the fish have been without me for a couple of years. Life gets in the way sometimes.
In the evenings when the wind has dropped and it is almost dark, I hear faint voices from the darkness that was upon the face of the deep. I have I heard, "Don, where have you been? We are lonely. Come fish the tranquil waters."

Regardless of whether the voices come from the deep or from deep inside my head, we have lively conversations! Got to go fishing soon!!!!!

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