Monday, September 28, 2015

Winchester Model 24 SxS

I have my father's old Win 24 SxS. It is not a highly valuable SxS like some others. This one was made between 1939 and 1958. It was designed to be an affordable SxS to compete with the Stevens 311 and the Savage/Fox Model B. About 116,200 were manufactured.

Most of the blue was gone from it but it still worked and looked pretty good if you kept it oiled up. I did an original clean-up on it when I got it out from under Dad's bed. It did not look like it had been touched in decades. It was open and there were dust bunnies in the barrels. I do believe that was the first time that I ever blew dust bunnies out of 12 gauge!

I have decided to keep this one of Dad's and fix it up a touch. The metal has been redone in cerakote black. I will do the stock up with the Minwax Antique Oil Finish. Well...........I got the gun back and the left barrel does not cock and it did before it went in. The finishing shop was embarrassed as they were giving up on it and did not charge me for the work. Nice dark black finish but non-functional. An order to Numrich went out for every spring, replacement sears and cocking levers.

Sunday morning was a good time so apart it came. Everything is reassembled except for the last plate that goes in which secures both firing pin/springs and the release level spring. It is still apart for the moment. The keeper holes on the spring shafts are not far enough back. You have to compress all three springs to be able to get the mounting bolt in. I think that this requires about five really little and exceptionally strong hands. I will post some after pictures as soon as I get this complete.

Were are the Wee Free Men when you need them?

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