Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dove Hunting

I had mentioned in an earlier post (Now For Something Entirely.....Cheap) that I had picked up this Leinad Cobray FMJ 45LC/410 derringer and was going to try my hand during dove season.
The second day of the season I decided to give it a whirl. There are always some of the doves that fly low along the brush/tree row by where I hunt. I found a nice little spot, put the 20 ga shotgun down, and stood there waiting to ambush a dove. One finally flew by that I took a shot at. The first thing that I realized was that I missed (like that's a big surprise). I then thought, "Dang, that was loud!". While my ears were still ringing the third thought was that it was a good thing that I had a good grip on it as this thing really kicks and moves. What a hand and ear full. My ears rang like it was a .357 revolver. I have shot one of the .357 and a 44 Mag without ear protection in my youth. The .357 was the worst. I decided pretty quick that hearing protection was required back then.

I decided that I would not try this again until I had a set of electronic muffs on that I could wear with my hat. I am not giving up sun protection. I want to be able to hear as many times you can hear the dove's wingbeat from a distance. I did not try again this season but I will get better prepared for next season so that I might gather some bragging rights about taking a dove with a derringer!

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