Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Body Anomalies

Transgender woman says TSA detained, humiliated her over body 'anomaly'

TSA screeners thought and set the machine for female. That "anomaly" was Mr. Wiggly showing up. Hahahahaha! I have no compassion for her stupidity. What did she think was going to happen aside from confusion.

I only start here as a segway to a similar topic. TSA scanners suck to go through. I have gone through the scanner twice in recent travels and got to get felt up after both. The second time the agent asked if I wanted a private screening. "Huh, what? No, just go for it.", I said with a smile. He seemed a little tense. 

He had me turn around at one point in the touchy feely session and I could see the readout screen. Every place that I have loose skin shows in a different lighter color. This is probably due to the density difference without muscle inside a couple of folds of skin. I have some loose skin on my lower abdomen and upper inner thighs from loosing the 130 pounds. Heck, I have more places than that but those are the ones of notice. All of these areas showed up on the scan and he felt all of them up. I imagine it was the upper inner thigh area (woohoo) that prompted the question on private screening. I could also see my Mr. Wiggly just fine on the screen (JK).

I asked him if he had seen that appearance before and he said no. OMG he actually spoke to me! I told him about the weight loss and what he was looking at and patted down. He commented that it made sense. I told him to have a nice day and that I enjoyed our little date. He actually smiled and had to catch himself from laughing. He would not want to give away that he had escaped the procedure of surgically removing his sense of humor as a job requirement.

As a warning to any people that go through with a substantial weight loss program, you will get flagged at the scanner for the loose skin anomaly. Be prepared for the following session of feel-me-up.

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