Thursday, July 02, 2015

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Keep those Doggies Rolling!

I believe that I have covered the highlights of our trip to Okinawa. I returned from Okinawa, went to work for three days, flew to San Angelo, helped pack Daughter #1's stuff in her SUV, drove to Colorado Springs, and then flew back to Tucson! Daughter #1 had asked for company on this drive to her next clinical as part of the DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) program at ASU. We jokingly refer to this as the "good" ASU (Angelo State University). I will fly back to Colorado Springs in mid August and reverse the trip. Rolling........

After that quick run, I really was having a bit of travel lag. There seemed to be a longer adjustment period to get accommodated to the normal sleep schedule. This is probably because I was up longer on the return trip from Okinawa. I was up the entire trip and we arrived back in Tucson midday. I think that I stretched the trip time an additional 6 hours or so making for a grand total of 32 hrs awake. Just a bit to long for this cranking old man.

I had no real lag problems going to Okinawa. We stayed up the whole trip there, arrived about 9PM, got a bite to eat and went to bed. Easy.

I see that the McMann Roadrunner Gun Show has a new venue in Tucson, Sabbar Shrine. It is July 11th & 12th. I will be in Chandler on the 10th & 11th for the Red Cross of Constantine Southwest Regional meeting. Rolling......... That means that I can go to the show on the 12th as we will return to Tucson that morning. Rolling.....

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