Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Now For Something Entirely.....Cheap

With dove season rapidly approaching, I needed something with which to defend myself from the close-range doves that occasionally come to close for a regular shotgun. I thought that one of those Bond Arms derringers would be the ticket until I saw the prices that they are getting. They are right proud of those derringers! Frugality demanded that I widen my search for something that would be more agreeable to my wallet. Lo and behold! What did I find but this.......really ugly, cheaply made, inexpensive, and strong, derringer - the Leinad Cobray FMJ 45LC/410 derringer. The pistol barrel has about an 1" or so of rifling and will accept only the 2.5" .410. I already read that the 45LC will keyhole in about 10 yards and that the shot will cover 30" at about 7 yards.

There is nothing smooth about this gun. I bought it along with the conversion kit to turn it into a ugly, cheaply made, and inexpensive single shot shotgun. The kit has a small frame style stock and a smooth bore barrel that will accept 3" .410 along with the 45LC.  

This one is not really any good as a CCW. There is no half-cock setting. The safety is a transfer pin that blocks the hammer back a almost full cock and requires both hands to take the safety off. One hand is needed to pull back on the hammer and the other to push the safety. It is definitely not safe to carry with the hammer down as the firing pin will be right on the primer. I already saw where some ingenious person had "solved" this safety issue. He took a strip of metal and inserted it between the hammer and frame. It was bent at the top so that it did not drop into the gun. I made some out of 1/4" brass strip and it works great. You can load the gun, put the strip it, and lower the hammer. You are now in a safe, loaded condition where you can draw, pull the hammer back, flick your wrist to kick the strip out, and pull the trigger. Look out doves, here I come! Wonder if I could get a daily limit with one of these.......

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