Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Game Outfitters

I does appear that I will be using a guide for my elk hunt. I had given some advise from my last disastrous outing. I will recap my lessons learned with responses in green.
  • Don't ever, ever, ever bother with a guide unless someone you know has used him. The rest falls under truth in advertising - not! This should not be a problem as I personally know some people who have used this guide. He comes highly recommended.
  • Try the stalk when game is seen. It is better to get busted trying than to not try. I am still kicking myself for not trying. 6x5 antlers would look good next to the 5x4. Here me three times.
  • I hate Suzuki Samurais.
No worries. This guide promised that there would be no Samurais. He said that they only use 4 wheel drive Smart Cars and sent me a photo! I am pretty sure he was teasing me.
  • I did see some country I haven't been in before. I know where I want to be the first couple days of the hunting season if I can get drawn for 6A again. Different area so this does not apply. 7E looked like this the last time I was there.

  • Bifocal glasses are a poor choice when trying to hike in the dark with a flashlight. You pretty much have to keep your head down to be able to see over the lower lens. Get another pair of glasses without the bifocal. I used to have a regular pair but neglected to do so with the last pair. It's not like your going to be reading much. You can take them off if you can't see the map well enough. Oh Yeah, time to order some glasses.

  • I really like my Big Buddy heater with a 20 pound bottle as it lasted 5 days. I won't need it as I will be staying an a travel trailer with all the amenities of home!
Weeeee Doggies, I think that I recognize that house. I used to live in it or one just like it!
  • Cut morons like this loose earlier. You can't get your money back anyways, so why make yourself miserable because you paid for it. Here me three times.

  • Just because your paying someone doesn't mean that they actually know more than you do. A long conversation has taken place and I do not think this is a concern.

  • Repeat this to yourself as necessary.
All kidding aside, I look forward to this trip as being fun and successful.


Theresa said...

How did your outing go? Was it as fun and everything you hoped it would be?

Primeval Papa said...

This hunt will take place in late November. I will be posting on it again after the hunt.