Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Like the Drag Races

This weekend was the annual trip to Firebird for the NHRA Nationals. We typically go on Saturday which is one of the qualifying days for the Top Fuel and Pro Stock classes. The Phoenix area was not living up to its normal amount of sunshine in the morning. There was a distinct possibility that this was going to be a rain day. We arrived early enough to roam the pits prior to getting in our seats but there was no hurry as no racing was taking place. There should have been Supergas and others racing but the track was wet and it was drizzling. The stand were empty as anyone who was there was in the pits our sitting in their vehicles.

It started to rain harder so we went to the car. I was glad that my friend brought some Hot Rod magazines etc along as it gave us something to read while sitting in the car waiting for the rain to stop.
We had purchased some nice seats in section P2 - A5&6. Note that old hairy butt is not sitting on that wet seat yet.

I was texting my better half for the weather radar. She informed us that it looked like about 45minutes more and then it should at least stop raining. That report was music to our ears and turned out to be correct. Woohoo - the rain had stopped so we went to get something to eat and watch them dry the track. It is kind of like watching grass grow or paint dry.
Since we were bored it seemed a good idea to roam the pits again. This was good timing as we went to Nitro Alley in time to hear the announcement that the schedule had changed to run Top Fuel, Pro Stock and then the rest. I like to be in the pits when the top fuel cars are firing up. I love the smell of nitro-methane in the morning! Nothing like a lot of DBs, burning eyes/nose, and tears running down your face to jump start the day! If you think that we are nuts then you obviously not a fan of the drag races. I would suggest that you never stand at the very front of the crowd when one is firing up in the pits. It is real hard to back away through a crowd that can't see either. It is amazing how much money has to be in the trailers for the cars.

Help - I can't get up! JK. Note the fine expression wondering why that jerk is taking his picture.

The name says it all.

My wife would love this as she has that spot for Mopar & purple.
I am not a big fan of the new Government Motors takeover but this is a fine looking vehicle.
Motorcycle tricks to amuse the crowd from the Geiko group while waiting for the crew to dry the track.

It's time!
You should be able recognize and name this gent if you have spent any time watching funny car drags.
I will not post every picture I took but you get the idea. I like drag racing!

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