Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flagstaff Snow

Flagstaff has had some record snow this year. I went there to visit my daughter at NAU last weekend. It started to snow shortly after my arrival. My wife sent a text message informing me that there was a winter storm advisory out predicting 8-12" of snow by 5 PM the following day. I asked my daughter where her bicycle was. She pointed here:

I suggested that she get some spray oil and get the chain and gear clusters as soon as she could. This might actually be a while before digging out is possible. That evening it looked more like this:

The RAV4 kept getting covered. I now remember why a clean push broom was my friend in MI.

This looked much better in person but what do you expect from a cell phone picture.

The next morning there was even less of the bikes showing.

I decided that we would go to breakfast in the morning as there is no sense in hitting the highway prior to the plows getting out. The road was a bit slick coming down out of Flagstaff but not too bad as the plows had been out scraping away. The only time there was any real "pucker" factor is when descending through the cloud cover the visibility is quite low, especially when it is still snowing. I am always concerned when you must go about 35 mph to be able to see ahead of you as some of the people (think idiots) sharing the road seem to think that it is still a good idea to be going fast. They can't see but that is OK by them.
Reminds me of a hymn from Firesign Theater's "Powerhouse Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of the Blinding Light".
Oh blinding light
Oh light that blinds
Look out for me
For I cannot see!

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