Monday, February 15, 2010

Anatomy Boosting Pants

A department store in Britain has seen a 76% increase in online sales of the underwear in the last week coming up to Valentines Day. It uses a lift and hold feature at the front. The article doesn't mention a trade name, just the generic description. I can only imagine the suggestions made for the name of the new underwear in the marketing department.....Peter Propping Pantaloons, Short Arm Swagger, Never Fail Schwang Stretcher? I guess I could see these as a joke between lovers, but who would actually buy them thinking that this would help attract your next fling? Oh, I know - Sven & Ole.

So Sven and Ollie go to the beach and after a couple of hours Sven says, "This ain't no fun. How come the girls aren't friendly to me?"
"Well, I tell you, Sven, maybe if you put a potato in your swim trunks that would help."
---So Sven does, but he comes back to Ole later and he says, "I tried what you told me with the potato, but it doesn't help."

"No, Sven --- you're supposed to put the potato in the front!"

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