Tuesday, March 03, 2009

NHRA 2009 - New Fan

Once again, I went to the Nationals at Firebird! I love the smell of nitro-methane in the morning! My usual drag racing buddy could not make it this year so there I was with two premier seating tickets and just me. I contacted a young man (18 years old) that we know to see if he was available. He had never been to the drags before and was interested.

I drug him around for my usual routine. We cruised the pits. I saw a young lady standing out in front of some trailers and encouraged my guest to get his butt over there for a picture. We got a nice picture with Ashley Force. He had no idea why I was pushing the picture.

I fed him and then went back to the pits when they were starting to fire up the top fuels for tuning. This allowed him to get up close and personal with the nitro fumes and the sound level.

We went to our seats for the first pass of qualifying for pro-stock & top fuel. I believe he came about a foot off the seat when the first top fuel launched off the line. He never did get over jumping every time the light went green. I was pointing out to him that the one car on the line belonged to the young lady he had his picture taken with. He was surprised that she was a driver. Live and learn.
We were then off to roam the stores, and then back for the second qualifying pass of the pro-stock & top fuel.

I believe that there is a new drag racing fan now!

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