Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 7 & 8 Gunshow

Crossroads of the West is one of the gun show sponsors in this area. I have never been to a gun show that was this busy!

We went Saturday morning as I was interested in getting some primers for reloading. I had thought that I would get there at opening time (9 AM) and all would be well. It became obvious that many people had gotten there well before the opening bell. There had to be a couple hundred people in line to get tickets for entrance. The line progressed nicely but we were about halfway there at 9:10 and people were leaving with their two-wheeled dollies loaded with ammo.

Once inside, we worked our way over to the ammo booth that was very busy with people about three deep all the way around it. I was able get over to where the primers were. It was fortunate that most of the people standing in this location were looking for ammo, not primers. I was able to hold on to some until it was my turn about 25 minutes later. My friend found that the 7.62x39 was gone in the first fifteen minutes. Too late, as that was the guys with the dollies first thing in the morning.

It was almost impossible to look around as it was just too crowded. We decided to leave and come back the next morning. I was talking to a parking lot attendant on the way out. They had already parked 1400 cars by 10:30. Sunday morning was actually enjoyable as you could walk around and look at things. I should have bought those .44 240gr SWC at Billy Bullets on Saturday as there were none left on Sunday.

Next weekend is another one, McMann Roadrunner Gun Show, at the Expo Center. This place has less parking than the fairgrounds so it should be interesting. Go about an hour early, take a two-wheel cart and lawn chair if you want to get any ammo as it will be gone in short order!

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