Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Back Pain is a Pain in the …….Leg?

The last couple of months have been very busy so I have been remiss in my blogging duties. August brought about some lower back pain along with a disturbed nerve. During that time period, I could draw you a very nice map of the sciatic nerve down my leg. There was another nerve but I do not the name of that one. There was no comfortable position except for sitting at the dining room table with elbows on the table. Bed was out as there was no position that worked. The first night had no sleep and I slept for an hour the second night with my head in my hand at the table. THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING, IT IS ALMOST DOVE SEASON! My regular doctor was out so I saw the practitioner. She prescribed some muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. I was told to go over to X-Ray right after the appointment. The radiology people wanted me to lay flat. Hahahahahaha. That was not happening as this position would fully light up the sciatic. I commented that it would probably be wiser to try to do this after I had some time with the scripts. Radiology agreed and off I went to return in a couple of days. L2 to L5 damage is moderate or severe depending on which one. Ah, the follies of my youth and the arthritis of age.

The muscle relaxant did not do much as the dosage was weak for my size. If I doubled up on the muscle relaxant then I could actually sleep for a few hours. I found that sitting in the bed all propped was about the best I could do.  It was slowly letting up.

This was really crappy as it was interfering with important things like DOVE HUNTING. Naturally, I still went out. I would hobble a few yards from the vehicle and plop down in a camping chair. I don’t shoot for crap from a chair as I was making sure that I did not twist around. Miss 6 doves, stand up and shoot a couple, sit and miss more, stand up and shoot a couple more……..I did not shoot a limit but had some fun.

I got ready for work as was walking across the floor and everything lit up like a tilting pin ball machine.  Damn, no dove hunting or work today. I took the last two muscle relaxants that afternoon and thought that perhaps I could lay down on my left side as that didn’t seem too bad during x-rays. That wasn’t working either. When attempting to get up, I felt (heard) a grind/pop that also did not feel good. There I was, sitting at the dining room table again. A few hours passed and started to feel better. By evening I could tell that the last pop must have been a re-alignment as I was feeling much better. My leg and back ached at bed time but it was all left over trauma. Don’t get me wrong. This was no miracle cure as I still felt like someone had beat me with a bat from all the swelling and muscle cramps. There was a doctor’s appointment for the next day.

I actually felt almost human the next morning as I had gotten a straight 4 hours of sleep. Off I went to see my regular doctor (dang missed another morning of dove hunting). He reviewed the x-rays with me and checked me out. Now I am off to PT and diet to drop the excess weight.

The following weekend, I drove to San Angelo to see daughter #1 and watch SBDA boat drags. Woo hoo! I love the smell of nito-methane wafting across the water! I was still sore and slightly nervy but the drive was fine as the car seat is comfortable. My wife does question my sanity on certain topics. “Do you really think you should be going dove hunting?” "Probably not but I have my cell phone",  did not seem like a satisfactory answer. “Do you really thing you should be going on an 11 hour drive?” Sure, why not, the seat in car is good. I would get that look that every woman gives a wayward male when she disapproves of your actions. I took doves with me so that we could have dove stew while visiting. Mmmmm. The trip was fun and I am back for my PT and diet.

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