Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hawkins 54 Cal

I saw a Cabela's Hawkins Black Powder kit rifle for sale on in my area. The price was right so I arranged to have a look see. This rifle kit is complete in the box with the little parts still being sealed in the plastic bags. I like some of the BP rifles so it is now mine. I see that the current offering from Cabela's is a Tradition kit but this one is of Italian decent. One could tell it was Italian even without the paperwork from the faint aroma of olive oil and sun dried tomatoes!

Now there are decisions to be made. Wonder how olive oil would due as a preservative? I think that I will stick with a hard satin finish on the stock so it will be Minwax Antique Oil.

What to do with the barrel....bluing, browning, gun-kote? The rifle would have to go to someone (gunsmith etc) for bluing or gun-kote. I like the idea of browning the barrel but it is a pain to do with either available method. One method requires a very humid area to work in for a day or so. This is difficult in Tucson. I guess that I could let the family know that the downstairs bathroom won't be available for a couple of days! I am sure that would go over well.

The other requires heat prior to applying. This also sounds like a pain. It is possible to de-grease it and just let it set around until you have the proper patina and then oil it. This would only take a few months.

I have had a few suggestions already such as pink furniture and barrel with a Hello Kitty stuck on the patch box or perhaps camouflage. These suggestions were met in the same manner as presented, with laughter. We shall see what is decided.

I am going to start taking pictures of the before, during and after so that they can be posted later on. Fun times ahead!

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