Monday, June 17, 2013

There Was a Wedding!!

My Father's Day present was a beautiful wedding. Daughter #2 tied the knot with her Marine. I will post some decent pictures when I get some from the people we hired. The one below is just from my crappy phone. Everything went as planned! It must be a first. Everyone seemed to have a great time and we are tired. The kids are off to Disney for their Honeymoon.
I had written a short speech/toast for just prior to dinner. I started to pretend to roast our daughter and would occasionally glance at my better half.....
"I remember when she was but a tike and was playing in the backyard cactus…. oh, wrong story? How about the time at Big Lake that….not that one either? How about the time with the hamster and the toilet plunger….. OK, OK. I am only kidding, all of the above incidents never happened, as far as you know."

There never was any incident involving a hamster and a toilet plunger, that I know of, but it got a squeal out of the bride and laughter from the rest. People were asking about the hamster for the rest of the evening. She made a beautiful bride!

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