Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Kind of Council Member

"UK city council member reportedly claims to have fathered an alien child"

"Simon Parkes claims he has had experiences with aliens since birth, and his "real mother" is a 9-foot green alien with eight fingers, the Northern Echo reports."

Sadly enough, there was no description of the wife (Cat Queen) or daughter (Zarka). I believe that we have had more than one politician that believed in or thought that they had seen UFOs but the UK gets the best ones. Convince me that the locals don't elect him for the entertainment factor. Reminds me of a song ....

Nine foot two, she's a doll, 
she played college basketball.
Has anybody seen my gal?
Cauliflower ear, guzzles beer,
She can eat most half a steer.
Has anybody seen my gal?
Now if you run into an nine foot two
All covered with hair,
Don't be surprised, it's not your eyes,
Her mother was a grizzly bear.
What the heck, she's a wreck,
She played tackle for Georgia Tech.
Has anybody seen my gal?

We could use a lot more politicians like this one. It would be a refreshing change from the current lot.

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