Sunday, December 04, 2011

OK - I Will Join the 1st Car Meme - Very Late

The meme is on for what is/was your first car. I am inspired by In Jennifer's Head and The Smallest Minority.
It does take me a while to get inspired but nonetheless here we go! When I was growing up we were very poor. How poor you ask? Toys were almost non-existent, you had zucchini for three meals a day when it was in season, you were happy you got three meals in the same day, and the dog got nervous every year at Thanksgiving. Heck, mom cut the pockets out of our pants so that we would have something to play with. We used to sing songs to amuse ourselves as only the rich folks had radios and TVs. Rain water was stored to serve for plant watering and washing kids on Saturday night. Sing along - you know the tune!

Oh, it ain't gonna rain no more, no more
It ain't gonna rain no more
How in the heck can I wash around my neck
if it ain't gonna rain no more

Rich man drives a Cadillac
poor man drives a Ford
but my old man is satisfied
with fours wheels on a board

Oh, it ain't gonna rain no more, no more
It ain't gonna rain no more
How in the heck can I wash around my neck
if it ain't gonna rain no more

Well, you get the idea. My first car was a Rolls Canardly. It rolls down one side of the hill and canardly get up the other side!

Just kidding. It was a 21 Olds  and boy it was rough. Eventually we got her fixed up a bit so that the neighbors would quit singing the theme song to the Beverly Hillbillies every time we went by.

The neighbors still hooped an hollered when we went by. I even heard a few cat calls that sounded like someone was yelling, "Wheee doggies!." You probably think that I am just pulling your lariat about now.

I guess I am stretching the truth a touch so below is a photo of my first car.
Still kidding, I never had one of these. Anyone who knows me is aware that I would need two of these, one for each foot. Perhaps I will eventually get around to posting my actual 1st car. I drove a few of dad's before I ever had enough money to get one of my own. I think that the 64 Studebaker Lark was one of the most memorable. Dad was a rural route carrier for the Postal Service and his cars always looked like they sat outside with the windows left open during the great dust bowl. His route was almost all dirt roads. He would laugh when I asked to use it to go on a date. There was usually a full day event to shovel out the dirt and get it even semi-presentable for a date. That was the only time it got cleaned. You remember these wonderful vehicles don't you? Yessirree! It really impressed your date when you rolled up in this. It looked like this one replace the remaining paint with dusty black.

 Your date's father would typically say, "You the mailman's boy aren't you?" Everyone knew the vehicle so you couldn't get away with anything in this small town. Then I was lucky enough to get to drive a right hand drive Scout. What a chick magnet that was!

OK, I will give it up.

The 1st car I actually owned was a 67 Ford Custom I bought in 70. Dad helped me pick it out as he knew the previous owner. It was a base edition with a 240CID six, 3 on the tree, manual brakes/steering. You were not going racing in a full size vehicle with a six banger although it did OK when you were getting on the expressway and all. In many ways, I wish that I still own it as it was roomy, drove well, and decent on gas. It was a great car to double date in. I believe that my best friend got his wife-to-be pregnant in the back. You could disappear in the back seat and they did one evening or two while we were out "parking". You could also disappear in the front seat as the three on the tree did not get in the way. Gives a new meaning to the term, double dipping.

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Kevin Baker said...

One of those with a 427 and a Toploader 4-speed would be a nice cruiser.

wv: roastor - It'd be a tire-roastor, too!