Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't Let the Tea Party & the NRA Steal Carolyn's Seat!

I had already sent in and received one of the free bumper stickers (Fight Crime. Stop the NRA) for the collection. It has been pulled from the website with a different, milder one now available.
It is of note that her seat is being "stolen". I thought it was the voters who decided elections. Those stunts pulled by the NRA and all are really vicious when they try to convince our government to conform to the Constitution. Almost everything is here except for the accusation of being raaaacist!
Heck - we don't want to silence you or your campaign. You're doing great - keep it up! I need to go find out who the opposition is going to be so that I can donate.

Carolyn McCarthy for Congress Contribute - Show your support
New York is losing two Congressional seats next year, and we've just learned that the new district map will be released in a matter of weeks.
We still don't know what the map will look like. But when it's released, the Tea Party and the NRA are going to look for any sign of weakness in our campaign so that they can run some Far-Right candidate who will live in their back pocket.
That's why next Saturday's year-end federal campaign finance reporting deadline is the most important of my campaign. If we can show our strength now, we can stop the NRA's attacks before they start.
We've set a $10,000 year-end deadline goal. Reaching this goal is essential to the success of our campaign, and I can't do it without you. Please contribute right this minute to make sure the Tea Party and the NRA know they can't steal this seat.

Critical Deadline: Dec. 31. Support Carolyn. Don't Let the Tea Party & the NRA Steal Carolyn's Seat. Contribute.

The Tea Party Republicans know I'll keep leading the fight for sensible gun laws, and they'll do everything they can to silence us.
And with what I'm seeing in Washington right now, it's clear that the stunts they're trying to pull with our gun laws are just the tip of the iceberg. They will stop at nothing to satisfy their own egos, even if it means wrecking our economy and the country in the process.
We can't fall short. This goal is our absolute last opportunity to show our strength before redistricting happens, so please click here to contribute today.
I know I can count on you – fighting for gun laws that keep our families safe is too important for us to ever give up.
Thank you,
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Kevin said...

Don't let the door, er, shoulder-thing that goes up hit you on the way out, Caroline. Buh-bye!