Monday, September 19, 2011

Air Surge Phenomenon

The other day at work a PA announcement was made that the Lunch & Learn for a certain valve company was about to start. The presentation this time was by a company that deals in pressure/vacuum relief valves. The announced topic was Air Surge Phenomenon and How to Solve Them.

Some of us starting laughing which caused others less jaded to inquire as to what we thought was funny. A new description for a body function had just presented itself. The first thought was that the alternate meaning for air surge phenomenon was "fart". I wonder if they would need any guidance in how to rate this phenomenon as we already have a system. Three categories that are worth 10 points each are rated with the highest overall score being awarded the win. Our categories are volume, duration, and olfactory quality.

Hahahahaha. Sorry - it's an engineer thing as we must amuse ourselves whenever possible.

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