Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is Hunting Becoming Dead?

Pop on over and view Snowflakes in Hell's "Why Hunting is Doomed".

I agree with Sebastian’s analysis in that if something does not change in the way hunters view the anti-2nd and anti-hunting groups actions that they are doomed. There are too many hunters that still buy into restrictions not realizing that the intent is to shut them down. Evil black rifles, let’s have coyotes/wolves brought in for herd management, the poor little cute doves, etc. All these hide the main agenda of complete bans on all hunting and fishing. I have some hope for the states that are getting the right-to-hunt in their constitutions. This will provide a better footing in the local courts.

I am pleased that the NRA has opened the hunter liaison group but it is a little late in the game. The NRA has done a poor job of recognizing the need for this branch even though they had been complaining for years about how some of the hunters did not support them. This should have been started decades ago not a couple years ago. Oh look, a fire. Perhaps we should buy some shovels and hoses. The NRA has missed out on a large group that would provide a sizable percentage that could actually be educated and become allies.

Hunters need to realize, as most 2nd supporters do, that the little regulation that seems innocuous is truly the camel’s nose under the tent.

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