Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bowling Pin Shoot #2

Due to a mental lapse by the organizer, the event was held on Mother's Day. I was happy to be able to attend as it was early enough to not interfere with any of our planned festivities. I shot poorly as I was quite tired. My travels took me to Flagstaff on Thursday to collect my daughter at NAU. This involved many more boxes than originally were delivered and many trips up/down the stairs to load. We came back on Friday and unloaded. Saturday morning I was off to the barber followed by a trip to auto repair shop to pull the error code that lit up the "Check Engine Soon" light on the van. The light came on Thursday and went off Friday. The oil pressure, temperature, voltage, and performance were OK so I ignored it. We then were off to bowl 5 games - should have stuck to three as it made me a bit sore.

Oh yeah - bowling pin shoot. The match was set up to run five times, throw out the slowest time, and average the rest to set the base time for the shoot-offs. I lost the first round fair and square. The next round, I was up against a fellow who started shooting real poor during qualifying but warmed up quite nicely by round five. This resulted in him having a 6 second (I think) head start on me. I never stood a chance. He would have 5 of 6 off the table before my buzzer went off. Might have to rethink this as it is too easy to sandbag it. Regardless, it was fun to shoot.

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