Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Like Archery - Sometimes.

My oldest daughter and I went to the archery range in the Tucson Mountain Park on the morning of Christmas Eve. You would have thought that I had never shot that bow before. It had been a while (last January) since I had shot it. I discovered that my right hand plant was not correct and finally got that solved so I could continue with the few arrows remaining. There is no leeway on arrows using a 70# bow when hitting the wood frame on the target or missing and launching off into the rocks. I eventually trashed/lost all eight arrows that I had brought much to the amusement of my daughter. I also managed to mess up pretty good a couple of times and snapped myself. Did I mention that I had forgotten my arm guard? Looks like this:

I thought the first time really stung but it admittedly really lit up the second time.

I was going to go hunting on the 26th but decided that further shooting was required prior to trying to stick a deer. Back to the range later today.

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