Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Bronco Lives!

It has been a long journey mainly due to how busy the engine rebuilder was/is and me being a master procrastinator. The engine rebuilder (Phoenix Engine) had a 4-5 week backlog that turned into 7 weeks. They had over 400 engines in the shop for rebuild when I dropped mine off. they still had over 400 engines when I picked mine up. the poorer economy has definitely boosted the number of people who are keeping their old iron over buying new.

Oh no, The engine is gone!

It's back.

The 351W HO rebuild consisted of a 60 over bore, new crank (kind of stock), balancing, hotter cam, Dart Iron Eagle heads, Edelbrook dual plane intake, summit shorty headers, and a Holley 80457S carb. The felt HP increase is quite noticeable even on the tight new engine. It hasn't been on a dyno and it is unlikely it will but the shop expect that this one will turn close to 350HP and 400 torque. That is probably optimistic but it drives like it is close. We will see when it is fully broken in.

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