Monday, May 04, 2009

Busy Weekend

The Scottish Rite Reunion was held on Friday and Saturday. This is when the degrees for the new people are put on. I work in the Property Department which means that I move stage and floor furniture/props around for a couple days. Fun but tiring.

So to rest up......I went to the York Rite installation of officers on Sunday.
I am the tall, handsome guy on the end. out two isn't bad! I like being involved in the Masonic organizations. My wife seems tolerate my activities pretty well and even seems to enjoy herself at many of the functions. Bless her soul. I am involved in the Blue Lodge (Sr. Deacon), Chapter (EHP), Council (PIM & Steward), Commandery (Generalissamo), Scottish Rite (32 Deg KCCH), and last but not least I joined the Shrine. I do not think that there is much in the way of further light in Masonry in the Shrine but there is fun and one can help raise money for the children's hospitals. Thank heavens that most of the organizations only meet once a month with a few events in between. Otherwise it would be difficult for other important things like family, shooting, hunting, fishing, shooting, archery, and blogging about stuff! did I say shooting twice? Good, I like shooting.

See all you folks at the 2A Bash!

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