Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Holder as AG

I am not going to go into the reasons why Holder should not be AG. It has been well covered by others. I would suggest that you should get out more if you are unaware of the objections to this man.
Both of our so called Senators voted yea for Holder. I expected McCain to do so as he is not conservative and never has been. The standing joke here is that some day he will change parties and become a republican.
Kyle voted for him too. That surprised and saddened me. It is obvious that he belongs to DC and is no longer represents conservative interests. I had declared a party to be able to vote in primaries but sometimes wonder why I bother.
I won't give it up as I feel the only thing worse than holding my nose and voting is not voting. I remember watching TV with my folks in the late 50's when there was some program on showing a gathering of politicians from both parties. My father commented, "Look at that line up. You could line these guys up with a bunch of mafia guys and you would never know the difference. Bunch of crooks." I remembered that as it was said with some enthusiasm. Looking back I would say that it was a very accurate estimate of our politicians then and today.

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